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We all have a vision for the future, we want to shape it. Your idea cannot be a silo, it will not change, morph or evolve; it has to create durable mutation. You might have half the solution, someone else the other half for your idea to mutate. We need to find that elusive space between the unknown, by using what you know, drawing from it, capturing its essence and expressing what you feel.

Early in human history, imperialism sprang into being, we lived on alcohol; beer for breakfast, wine for lunch, gin for dinner and a little beer or wine thereafter, as our water was unfit to drink. Imagine what would have happened when the drink of choice became a stimulant instead of a depressive says Steve Johnson.

Coffee houses began to pop up around the city. People congregated and conversed in these areas. Changing from a depressive into a stimulant, imagine what the imagination of people had become. The coffee houses, as well as different types of drinks, through the conversations and ideas sparked by discussions may have inspired the Renaissance.

Patterns emerged from this space and created a lucid network. An idea is not timeous, a single thing, it’s your neurons firing in a different pattern. It’s all about spaces, people, conversations and failures. There is no eureka moment, they slowly fade into existence. They need long periods to enlighten and enable new connections, to make the visualisation fluid and tangible.

Matt Ridley believes that ideas have to combine. Imagine a hand axe from the Neanderthal man and a computer mouse. They are the same size and pretty much the same shape, however all we can tell from this is that they were made to fit the hand of man. The former did not change for about 1.5 million years, the latter lasts five, if you are lucky.

Now imagine how many people it took to make the mouse; materials, design, fabrication, assembly, distribution, logistics and sale. No one person can build a mouse, no one person has the expertise. We have become specialised, saving us time and money. This occurred due to the spreading of exchange for the betterment of us. It creates momentum and trade, which cycles into increased ideas and specialisation.

This is the beginning of our story and “what is truer than truth?” asks Isabel Allande, “the story”.

There is a mystery around all of us, premonitions, emotions, dreams, the power of nature and magic. At the end of the day, it is all about the heart. Only the fearless and determined heart will win as this translates into passion that ultimately drives us. We all have knowledge and energy but It’s our heart that determines out fate. We have to use it.

There is infinite potential in all of us, states JJ Abrams, a mystery box, his metaphor. With the use of technology, you can do anything. A movie, make it. The box is closed, you have no idea what is inside, and the mystery is what you think you are getting as opposed to what is inside it. The box is your potential, your story, your idea.

So how do you get your idea to fruition?

Make your idea a character. “You have to make people care,” said Andrew Stunton. People want to work for their meals, but they don’t want to know what they are. Your character has to make a decision based on a belief. That change is fundamental; it creates the drama of anticipation, mingled with uncertainty. Evoking wonder and surrendering to it, don’t let your character live conditionally. Your character has to be a leader, “and has to have the guts to do it,” says Derek Sivers, Look for your early adopters, your initial follower. The first person with the guts to stand there with you is one of the most underestimated forms of leadership. Always nurture the first followers as equals. The news it creates has to be public. More followers enter the scene, momentum is gained, tipping point reached, your revolution is on the way – You have created your durable mutation.

Learn from everyone. Follow no one. Watch for patterns. Work like Hell.

Start your revolution, pursue the impossible and #createyourownfuture