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The mark that the world leaders make is defined by their followers. We can be a passive audience to this process or we can be actors; we can direct others or we can improvise alongside them. We can participate in the play of life however we choose – but we cannot be left out. Leadership […]

HOW HAS SOCIAL MEDIA AFFECTED THE WAY WE TELL STORIES? MORE THAN A STORY “Gutenberg invented the printing press around 1440. The first radio transmissions were in the early 1900s. The television became commercially available less than a century ago. The Internet is not even old enough to have a drink (legally; at least not […]

We all have a vision for the future, we want to shape it. Your idea cannot be a silo, it will not change, morph or evolve; it has to create durable mutation. You might have half the solution, someone else the other half for your idea to mutate. We need to find that elusive space […]

#COKEROCKCORPS TAKES OVER TRENDING We recently wrote an article on Storytelling and how it has evolved since Social Media became such a big part of our lives. The benefits are endless; your story can now become interactive on multiple levels as well as also being one of the best ways of building relationships with your […]