QTB Concepts
Who We Are

Creativity does not just happen.

It is a cognitive process that produces new ideas or transforms old ideas into updated concepts. An individual can form seemingly random thoughts into an ideal combination or solution by the collision of passions and originality.

Can creativity be nurtured? How do we shake up brand thinking patterns? By creating lively journeys through stories.

A creative branding agency from SA, that excels on everything that invokes creativity.

Good design doesn’t cost you any more money, it’s about awareness, it’s about caring. Design excellence, working in harmony to create something that is truly compelling.

Life is a journey, savour it.

We are a relatively small agency with passionate people working towards one common goal: making our clients look good. We believe that sound strategy is the foundation for innovative and creative solutions that engage your audience and produce results.

Creative space is a concept embracing the mental, physical, and emotional environments within which creativity operates. It can’t be given to you by your manager or spouse – it is something you must carve out and claim for yourself. Creative space is a concept that is rich in possibilities and opportunities.